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Arduino Smart Power Shield

What is it?

The Smart Power Shield provides safe operation and charging of Li-ion Smart Batteries and gives your Arduino project the ability to monitor battery status such as percent charge and minutes of operation remaining.

The Smart Power Shield is a custom Arduino shield and software library that integrates a smart battery charger/controller chip to enable the use of smart batteries. A smart battery takes care of safety critical functions to prevent damage to battery cells and controls battery charging functions.

Why do I need it?

The Smart Power Shield will simplify your project and give you peace of mind. Charging Li-ion batteries can be dangerous if special precautions aren’t taken to prevent overcharging or thermal runaway and Li-ion batteries can be permanently damaged if they are discharged too deeply. The Smart Battery System automatically protects against these risks.

Don’t be surprised by a dead battery, your software will be able to monitor battery percent charge remaining and minutes of operation remaining as well as the instantaneous battery voltage and current draw.

With the Smart Power Shield you can charge your batteries without removing them, the Smart Power Shield lets you charge the battery while the Arduino is running without interrupting operation. Seamlessly switch between external and battery power.

How do I get one?

Download the schematics and build your own or purchase one of our kits. Then install the provided software library to use the SmartBattery object in a sketch.

Visit the More Information page for details.