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You’re just the person I’m looking for…

By visiting this page I hope you’re expressing interest in this product. This is actually a “Fake Door” pretotype of a product that I want to develop. I’m a graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder and this is a product I’ve defined and prototyped as part of my education in product development.

The Fake Door you’ve come through is a type of user research to help me make sure I’m designing the right thing.

This product is being designed for you!

Please, click the link below and take a few moments to answer a short, 6 question survey to express your opinion and help me make this product fit your needs!


Product Concept

The Smart Battery Shield product is a custom shield that integrates a smart battery charger/controller chip to enable the use of Lithium-Ion smart batteries. A smart battery allows the Arduino to perform power management operations based on remaining estimated run times. The smart battery system controls battery charging functions, takes care of safety critical functions to prevent damage to battery cells from overcurrent or depletion, and provides battery status information.

This product is targeted for electronic hobbyists that want to use high-capacity smart batteries in their projects with built-in recharging capability for robotics or other applications with high power demands.


If you want to hear more about this product please be sure to follow me on Twitter.

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